Next-generation eSignatures: Solutions for P&C insurance sales


Whitepaper Copy

Today, customers shopping for insurance want to be able to effortlessly onboard from anywhere, from start to finish. They expect to complete all aspects of the transaction — signatures, forms, document submission, ID verification, and payments — quickly and instantly.

Furthermore, P&C agencies and providers understand that closing more deals means reducing friction — especially in light of growing digital expectations and remote habits developed during the coronavirus lockdowns.

It is a business imperative to understand and fix the issues that are hurting new policy application completion rates, and consequently sales.

By simplifying, contextualizing, mobilizing and guiding the policy application or renewal process, insurers are getting more contracts signed, and faster.

In this Guide you will learn

  • First-Generation eSignature Issues Impacting Insurance Sales
  • Growing Opportunities to Better Serve New Policyholders
  • Advantages and ROI of next-gen eSign.