White Paper  How exposed are you? 5 security questions for every insurer

While we strive for digital transformation today and look forward to InsurTech’s promise of a revolutionary tomorrow, insurers must not forget that information security is vital in the here and now.

Because so much confidential data passes through today’s business systems, we expect modern information management solutions to meet a higher degree of scrutiny when it comes to data security. Modern digital systems and procedures must be fully secure to retain the trust of agents and insureds, and to protect companies from liability. It is time for your insurance company to find the right answers to these questions:

  • Can you fend off a cyberattack?
  • Are you prepared to comply with the changing regulatory landscape?
  • Have you eliminated manual, paper-based processes?
  • Are you educating your members and employees about online security?
  • Where can you focus on opportunities for data security improvement?

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