On-Demand Web Seminar  Simplifying core insurance transformation with microservices

Hosted by Digital Insurance

In order to achieve business agility, be competitive, and prepare for the future, insurance carriers must simplify their technology ecosystem and the underlying foundation of core systems. Using a microservices architecture enables faster, cheaper and lower risk implementations of complex core systems because it simplifies the integration and allows for scaling delivery using SAFe and DevOps. Once implemented, carriers can get products out much faster, react to ever-changing business needs, and be prepared for the uncertainty of the future. This on-demand webinar will provide you a better understanding of:

  • recent research into why and how insurers are now adopting microservices
  • how an event-driven architecture using microservices contributes to business agility
  • how centralizing data and cutting down redundancy helps simplify implementations and agility moving forward
  • how culture and mindset play into this overall transformation
  • the importance of developing the right framework for monitoring and managing microservices

Join this on-demand webinar to learn from a top-tier carrier and an industry analyst about some of the emerging trends with microservices. Find out how the carrier implemented a new core PAS in just six months, with six variations of their annuity products, and over 200 external integrations. Hear about how their approach enabled them to put out four new products in the first three months after going live.

Featured Presenters:

Mitch Wein
Senior vice president, Research and Consulting
Chip Cavallo
Vice President, System Development
Tom Famularo
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Nathan Golia
Digital Insurance

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