On-Demand Web Seminar  Conversational insurance: How to compete in the age of Lemonade

Hosted by Digital Insurance

Disruption in the insurance industry is creating urgency around digital transformation and its promise to improve the customer experience, reduce cost, boost speed to market, improve product distribution, and create better underwriting and claims efficiencies. We discuss how advances in Conversational AI technology can be leveraged to create a new generation of smart virtual assistants that can accelerate the digital transformation to meet the needs of a more demanding, digitally empowered customer base.

You will learn:

  • What’s the promise and impact of this technology for support organizations, call centers, and customer service functions of insurance carriers and brokers?
  • Can broker and employee product expertise be captured and structured for reuse in a sustainable, economically viable way?
  • How can the customer experience be improved throughout the underwriting and claims journeys?
  • How can traditional IVR systems evolve to become an omnichannel conversational service concierge who guides customers to get their problems resolved.
  • How do processes need to evolve to provide an end to end seamless, positive experience?

Featured Presenters:

Marc Vanlerberghe
Henry Truong
VP Enterprise Solutions
Nate Golian
Editor in chief
Digital Insurance

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