On-Demand Web Seminar  Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived: Real world cognitive applications in insurance

Hosted by Digital Insurance

Can artificial intelligence and cognitive computing really improve functional business areas such as marketing, sales and customer service? Underwriting? Claims? Even corporate legal? Amidst all the hype around AI, the answer is YES, AI/cognitive computing is already fueling actionable insights that are driving proven business results.

Watch this interactive on-demand webinar and find out how insurers can transform customer interactions, empower advisors, and improve business operations. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How insurance is a “language rich” business making it the perfect place for AI/ Cognitive to thrive in areas like sales and service, marketing and actuarial analysis, and underwriting and claims
  • Actual use cases of insurers who are already redefining how they do business by leveraging structured and unstructured data to gain further insights and make better decisions
  • How leading organizations are engaging customers more rapidly, with greater personalization, generating improved customer service satisfaction at lower costs
Yousef Hashimi
VP and Partner
Cognitive Big Data and Analytics
IBM Financial Services
Pat Speer
Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC

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