On-Demand Web Seminar  Customer insights in insurance: How data is changing the game

Hosted by Digital Insurance

Driving improved customer experience has two dimensions: the experience aspect, and the data aspect. The insurance industry has multiple touch points with their clients: when they purchase an initial policy, as a claimant, when updating their policy, and in other ways related to risk management. The industry as a whole has struggled to keep pace with other industries in providing meaningful customer digital experiences. Complexities around the effective management of customer data is a driver of the challenges the industry has faced.

In this on-demand webinar – co-hosted by Digital Insurance and Capgemini – we will explore that data aspect in creating a convenient, agile, and personalized experience for the customer in these interactions.

Hear Nathan Root- Vice President of P&C Insurance, at Capgemini discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with data-driven customer insights.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Data trends, common challenges and related benefits of the insurance industry
  • An approach to start or accelerate an effort related to effective data management for better customer information
  • How predictive data methodologies are an integral part of providing a great customer experience

Featured Presenters:

Nathan Root
Vice President of P&C Insurance
Pat Speer
Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC

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