On-Demand Web Seminar  Snail mail in the digital era: Why insurers need to kick the paper habit

Hosted by Digital Insurance

Do Life and Health insurers really know what their customers want? Are they aware that in 2017, 77% of US adults used smartphones, 51% had tablets, 76% used email and 91% used the internet?? 2017 is also the year that landline usage first dropped below 50% in US households.

We now fly without paper tickets, check out of hotels without paper bills, and receive our bank statements and utility bills online. Why? Because going paperless is what the customer wants.

Yet when it comes to going paperless, many life and health insurers are challenged by tradition, regulatory requirements and outdated systems. What can we learn from the leaders who have successfully evolved, graduating from paper to electronic communications in order to give the customer what they want?

Join Jonathan Boylan, CTO at FINEOS, who discusses how Life and Health insurers are kicking the paper habit, deploying digital technology, and using digital service to win new business.

Featured Presenters:

Jonathan Boylan
Pat Speer
Speer Content Strategy &
Development LLC

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